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About Us

At Sahasi Mahila Treks, we take you on a journey back to your own inner sacred nature. Deeply inspired by the ancient healing energies of the Himalaya mountains, and the way this region can transform a person, we offer you the peace and quiet you need to journey deep within and back to the heart of who you are.

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Meet Rebekah sherpa

Founder & Retreat leader

Rebekah is a mama, traveller, yogi, Shamanic apprentice, and is on a mission to heal the world. Over the past few years, Rebekah has been delighting in the triumphs and challenges of her own journey of healing, savouring every lesson the Universe places in front of her. She treasures the challenging, and soul-wrenching parts of the journey the most, because she understands that this is where all of the juicy, long-lasting personal growth happens. But she also loves the periods of smooth sailing she finds in between!

Since travelling to India and Nepal in 2015, Rebekah’s spiritual and healing journey has really taken off at full speed. From trekking and living in the Himalaya mountains, marrying a Nepali trekking guide, becoming a mama, travelling back and forth regularly between Australia and Nepal, and starting the journey through Yoga Teacher Training and Shamanic Healing, life hasn’t slowed down for this wisdom-seeker. 

Deeply moved by the time she spent living amongst the remote Himalaya mountains of Nepal and the healing lessons those mountains whispered into her heart, Rebekah created Sahasi Mahila Treks in 2018, with just one aim: to heal the world, one woman at a time!

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meet Funuru Sherpa


Funuru (also known as Norbu) is passionate about trekking and has nearly a decade of trekking experience. Against his family's wishes he left his monastic studies when he was quite young to pursue a career in trekking.

As his name suggests, Funuru comes from the ancient ancestral line of Sherpa people, who have a fascinating history, but are most famous for their superior mountaineering and trekking skills. Like most of Nepal's Sherpa people, Funuru was born and raised on his family's farm in the Solukhumbu district, in the Everest region. His village is remote, taking three days to get there! This gives Funuru extensive knowledge of this region. He has also completed many treks in the Manaslu, Tsum Valley, Kanchenjanga, Annapurna, Makalu, and Langtang regions.

In 2015, Funuru met Rebekah on a trek and their spirits touched. Soon after, they married and Rebekah moved to Nepal from Australia to live with Funuru in Kathmandu. They began to work together as a team in the trekking industry and soon had their first child.

In 2017, they moved to Western Australia and have settled into work, as well as setting up Sahasi Mahila Treks.

Funuru is passionate about trekking in Nepal and always worked towards running his own trekking agency. His passion and experience ensures that all those who trek with him are well cared for, and have a memorable experience!



Our commitment to the Nepalese people

Sahasi Mahila Treks is committed to the people employed for your service and we always ensure the guides and porters hired are adequately insured and paid above Nepal industry standards. Life in Nepal can be extremely hard for local people, and even a slight increase in their average expected wage can make a huge difference. We also ensure that guides and porters have packed the necessary equipment to keep them safe and warm during the trek, and that they are supplied with the right equipment when necessary.