15-27 November 2019

Take your practice to new heights!


Whether you've been practicing yoga for years, or just a few months, there's no doubt that taking your practice out of the yoga studio can do amazing things for how you can grow as a yogi. And there's no place better to catapult your spiritual development, than the towering Himalaya mountains of Nepal! 

Just imagine the quiet solitude you can find among the forests of the Himalayas.

The transformative energy of these ancient mountains. 

The way you can really expand your practice when you take it to new heights. 

Sahasi Mahila Treks has collaborated with Cassandra Doyle, founder of yoga studio, The Space Karratha and the Pilbara Goddess Retreats to combine trekking AND yoga in a retreat that is like no other. Practicing while you are trekking into a remote and not-often visited region of Nepal, you will be taking a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in both the mountains of Nepal, and your spiritual practice. 

The village of Bupsa is located about 3 days from Kathmandu. And you will need to trek for 2 of those days to reach the village! A traditional Sherpa village, the people here live life the way they have for hundreds of years, in touch with the land, living and enjoying life amongst the mountains, in harmony with each other, and with deep faith in their spiritual beliefs. It is amongst this landscape that you will be guided to work with the ancient healing energy of the mountains, taking a journey back to the source of who you are, balancing both the feminine and masculine aspects of your being. 

Rise early each day for meditation at the height of an old Tibetan Buddhist monastery. 

Practice yoga while overlooking the terraced fields of a village whose history is beyond a time that anyone living can recall. 

Learn about a culture you may have never even thought of. 

Or maybe even take the opportunity to stay in a traditional Sherpa home!

However you choose to engage in the amazing morsels this retreat has to offer, there is no doubt you will relish every moment.


Date: 15 - 27 November 2019

Price: $3,395 USD (Homestay) / $3,295 USD (Teahouse)

Start & finish: Kathmandu

Grading: Physically and mentally challenging

Number of days: 13 days total (includes 2 nights in Kathmandu, 4 nights on the trekking trail and 6 nights in Bupsa village - homestay or teahouse)

Maximum altitude of trek: Less than 3,000m

Accommodation: Hotel & traditional teahouse. Homestay option available.

Meals: 3 delicious Nepalese meals on the retreat, plus one Welcome dinner and one Farewell dinner in Kathmandu

Group size: Min 8 – Max 16

Staff: Retreat Leader, 2 Yoga and Meditation Instructors, Trekking Guide, Porters


the retreat


What will our itinerary look like?

  • Upon arrival in Kathmandu you’ll be met and taken to your hotel to meet the group and settle in. We’ll meet later in the evening for a Welcome Dinner and you’ll get your first taste of traditional Nepali food. We waste no time, as the following day we jump in our jeeps and make our way to Salleri, the starting point of our trek into the remote Himalaya mountains of Nepal.

  • The next two days will be spent trekking to our retreat destination - the remote village of Bupsa located in Solukhumbu district in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains. We’ll set a gentle pace, to give ourselves time to reflect on our unfolding journey, and care for our bodies, minds and spirits.

  • Once settled in the village, we’ll spend the next 5 days immersing ourselves in our spiritual practice, with daily yoga and meditation. Rising early each day, we’ll meet at the monastery at the topmost point of the village. This is where we plan to hold our daily yoga practices as well, however this is a flexible detail. We may find ourselves anywhere in the village to practice - the courtyard of a traditional Sherpa home, the cornfields, or even the surrounding forest. Let’s be open to the opportunity for adventure that this retreat provides!

  • At the end of our Yoga retreat, we’ll spend another two days walking back the way we came as we make our way back to Kathmandu. Trekking the same paths we did coming into the village, this is a great opportunity to reflect back over the past week or so, and notice any changes that have come into our sense of being.


Where is our retreat located?

IMG_4905 2_Fotor.jpg

Our retreat is located in the village of Bupsa, a remote village set in Solukhumbu district in the Himalaya mountains of Nepal. Solukhumbu is located in the Everest region of Nepal, however Bupsa is located about 2 days from Lukla (the starting point for most treks to Mt Everest) and therefore doesn’t see as many tourists as other villages.

Our adventure to Bupsa starts with a day-long jeep ride to Salleri, a large transit town for this region. It then takes a further 2 days of traditional trekking in order to reach the village of Bupsa. Each day we will be trekking up to 20km, through terrain that is steep and immersed in the forests of the Himalaya. This region is home to the Sherpa people, and we will pass through many traditional Sherpa villages along the way, past mani walls, Tibetan prayer flags and Buddhist monasteries. The people here are warm and friendly, and you will feel welcomed everywhere that we go.

Like most other villages in this region, Bupsa is a traditional village, home to the Sherpa people who migrated from the Tibetan plateau some 600 years ago. Here, most people are farmers or work in trekking, and they continue to follow a traditional way of living, connected to their Buddhist faith and the land in which they live. The village is stepped with terrace farms, and most women continue to where the traditional Sherpa dress.

You will have the option to stay at a teahouse at the top of the village, close to the monastery where we will be practicing each day, or you may choose to stay with a local Sherpa family.


Yoga Program


What is the aim of our yoga program?


During this unique, 5-day yoga and trekking retreat, you will be guided to reconnect with the complete essence of who you are and balance the masculine and feminine energies of your being.

Why is it important to balance these energies?

The world in which we live in incredibly masculine, requiring us to live mostly from the masculine aspect of our being. Through this energy…

  • We are doing, rather than being.

  • We are analytical, rather than intuitive.

  • We are rushing, rather than nurturing.

  • We are impatient, rather than patient.

  • We are pushing, rather than receiving.

  • We are logical, rather than creative.

  • We are busy, rather than calm.

  • We are controlling, rather than allowing.

Whether we are male or female, we have the essence of both masculine and feminine energies within us. This retreat aims to balance these, bringing us into greater connection with our feminine energy, which is the unique embodiment of your intuitive and sensory power, and allows you to awaken into your full bodied, emotionally active self.

By balancing these energies and recreating this connection with the feminine aspect of your being you will:

  • Reconnect with your own intuition

  • Find your personal boundaries again

  • Balance your energy throughout your entire body

  • Come back to a place of energy so you no longer feel depleted


What Can I expect each day?


Our yoga program is scheduled to take place in the grounds of Bupsa Gompa, a beautiful old Buddhist monastery located at the top of the village.

During an average day on this retreat we will follow the schedule below:

Early Morning

  • Rise early and silently for meditation and pranayama.

  • Breakfast in the teahouse or with your homestay hosts.

  • Free time or scheduled activity.


  • 90min Ashtanga based practice.

  • Lunch in the teahouse or with your homestay hosts.

  • Free time or scheduled activity.

Late Afternoon/Early Evening

  • 60min Yin yoga practice and meditation.

  • Dinner in the teahouse or with your homestay hosts.

Please note that this schedule is open to change, including the location in which we practice. There may also be days when activities are scheduled around the village, or in nearby villages (e.g. excursion to Kharikhola Gompa). These will be advised during the retreat, and your participation is optional.


What do I need to bring?


We will send you a comprehensive packing list upon confirming your booking with us. In the meantime, you can visit our Preparation page for a guide on what you need to pack for a trek in Nepal, as you will still need much of this in order to participate in this retreat. In addition to this, you will also need the following during the yoga program aspect of the retreat.


  • Thermal base layers

  • Mid and/or Outer layers

  • Woollen socks and gloves

  • Beanie

  • Scarf or neck muff

  • Shawl or light blanket

  • Meditation cushion (optional)


  • Yoga tights and/or looser pants as a top layer

  • Base layer top (e.g. singlet)

  • Short or long sleeved shirt

  • Light top layer

  • Travel yoga mat

  • Yoga towel

  • Blanket

Please note that at this time of year in Nepal, the weather is really starting to cool down as we move into winter. Temperatures in the village will be quite cool due to the altitude (2,059m). On average, we can expect temperatures to range between -2°C and 19°C. We recommend coming to sessions in layers, so that you can adjust your level of comfort as required.


Our Packages


We know different people want different experiences, which is why we give you the following accommodation options for this retreat.



$3,395 USD


Staying in a traditional Sherpa village in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, what better way to experience the culture than with a Homestay with a local family?!

Why homestay?

  • Immerse yourself in an authentic experience of a different culture.

  • Experience daily life as the local people do.

  • Your hosts will be warm, welcoming and extremely hospitable, treating you life one of the family.

  • Support a local family to earn an income.

Accommodation Facilities

  • Simple, but varies from home to home

  • Single room housing in which people live, cook, entertain and sleep.

  • Wood stove cooking

  • Outside bathroom facilities generally consist of a traditional style squat toilet in an outhouse.

  • No running water or hot showers - bucket showers generally available.


  • Enjoy traditional meals such as Dahl Bhat, Thenduk (Sherpa Stew), Tsampa (Sherpa porridge) and salt tea.


Hotel Stay

$3,295 USD


If you prefer to have access to more facilities during our retreat, you are welcome to stay at the Everest Guesthouse at the top of the village.

Why Everest Guesthouse?

  • Relax in the comfort of a well-established Nepali teahouse.

  • Located nearby to the monastery where we will be practicing each day.

  • Be close to the action - located on the main thoroughfare of the village, you will have a chance to witness all of the comings and goings of people and life in the village.

Accommodation Facilities

  • Twin-share hotel rooms - basic style (bed provided)

  • Separate dining and kitchen with gas and wood stove cooking

  • Internal squat style toilets

  • External hot showers


  • Set menu - Enjoy traditional, vegetarian Nepali style meals to help fuel us for our spiritual practice.


What will you get out of this retreat?


our retreat is almost all-inclusive!


We take care of everything for you in Nepal, so all you have to do is show up and immerse yourself in this experience!


Why will you love this yoga & trekking retreat?

  • You will experience yoga and meditation like you’ve never experienced it before, with an outdoor practice in the midst of the Himalaya mountains of Nepal!

  • Under the watchful gaze of the ancient Himalaya mountains, you will go deeper than you’ve ever gone before, reconnecting with the source of who you truly are.

  • You will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally so that you can come away with a fresh understanding of yourself.

  • You will be guided by instructors who hold you with complete love, honour and respect, creating a space in which you can grow in your practice and within yourself.

  • You will trek, visit and stay in the majestic Himalayan range, with its towering peaks, hidden valleys and pristine rivers.

  • You will connect with the ancient, healing magic of the Himalaya mountains.

  • You will experience up close an ancient mountain culture in the villages and hamlets of the Himalaya, with the chance to stay in the home of a traditional Sherpa family.


How Will you Benefit from this Amazing Retreat?

  • Fulfill your dreams of travelling to one of the most magical and ancient places on this earth, and experience the healing powers of the majestic Himalaya mountains.

  • Learn more about who you are on this unique yoga and trekking experience that takes you beyond the usual routine of trekking, and beyond your usual yoga practice so that you can reconnect to the source of who you are.

  • Take the opportunity for an amazing adventure without the hassle of planning and managing the itinerary or your budget.

  • Travel solo but feel safe in a group experience with a supportive environment and without the worries of carrying a heavy bag and large amounts of cash.

  • Feel supported, nurtured and accepted in a group where everyone is on a similar path.

  • Return home with a sense of peace, calm and rejuvenation.

  • Expand your yoga and meditation practice, and learn new ways of practicing and being in this world.

Total Investment

$3,295 USD (Hotel Stay)

$3,395 USD (Homestay)

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We recommend reviewing our Terms & Conditions, which make up our Standard Conditions of Contract before booking. A copy of this will also be emailed to you prior to securing your booking with us.